The CDA CFG610SS is a 60cm freestanding, double cavity gas cooker, finished with stylish stainless steel side strips to make it the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Loaded with innovative features, the CFG610SS also comes with CDA’s leading building quality, from which they have gained an outstanding reputation.


Cooking on Gas

Cooking on gas is fast, responsive and economical, making the CFG610SS an excellent choice for your kitchen.

Having a gas hob will allow for even heating, eliminating the possibility of scorched, burned-on food and it will also allow for accurate temperature control. What’s more, compared to an electric hob, a gas hob will also produce heat immediately and will cool down quickly - a great safety advantage.


Cooker Features

The freestanding CFG610SS also comes with a range of handy features. With 4 burners, you’ll have plenty of room to cook each part of your meal with and the hob also includes a handy wok burner, which produces a flame large enough to the heat across the whole of the wok surface, perfect for cooking oriental inspired dishes, uniformly.

The hob also features a flame failure device, a key safety feature for any gas appliances. The purpose of this device is to stop the flow of any gas to the burner, just in case the flame gets extinguished for any reason. This prevents the build-up of any harmful gas inside the cooker and the kitchen, which could have lethal consequences.

The CFG610SS also has a 44L capacity oven and 2 cavities, to give you lots of room to work with and cook multiple dishes at once. The oven also has a sleek, modern touch control panel, allowing you to programme the electronic timer and ensure your food is cooked to perfection every time.

Finally, the oven cavity also features a handy easy-clean enamel interior, which allows any dirt and grime to simply be wiped away after cooking.


Energy Efficiency

The CDA CFG610SS Cooker has also been awarded an A for energy rating, which allows you to rely on your cooker to make savings on your monthly bills. With the CFG610SS, you can experiment on recipes in the kitchen and do your bit to save the environment at the same time!


Getting the best oven for your kitchen is often a challenge and even once you’ve picked the CDA appliance for you, you’ll still require great customer service and delivery options in Leek. At Protech Domestic Appliances Limited you can still get the CDA CFG610SS Cooker with great service and a guaranteed excellent price, be sure to click here for more information.