As the UK's fastest-growing appliance manufacturer, CDA has rapidly established itself as a producer of high-quality products. Based around the ethos of being 'built for life', CDA packs in a huge range of innovative features to help make cooking simple and trouble-free. CDA has built an excellent reputation for themselves, for producing outstanding appliances, with the EKPK90BL being one of the latest in the line.

The EKPK90BL is a stylish curved glass island extractor, complete with LED edge lighting in three colours, blue, red and green. Available in both black and stainless steel, it makes the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. With a push of a button, this hood will improve air quality around your kitchen as you cook, removing potentially toxic pollutants and airborne smoke and grease, to make your space a nicer place to be.

A cooker hood will also remove unwanted heat from your kitchen, making your space a lot cooler and bearable.


Helping to Make Cooking Easier

The EKPK90BL also features a handy timer, to help you keep track of your cooking as well as helpful LED spotlights. LED lights will use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, last for around 25-30 years and give out instant bright light. This extra light will help you see what you're preparing and cooking, and it'll also help avoid any injuries such as burns and cuts.


Touch Control

The EKPK90BL also features some of the CDA's innovative technology through its sleek touch control. This will allow you to have precise and reliable control of the hood and choose from three different speeds of extraction.

Three extraction speeds give you the freedom to tailor the intensity of the air extraction to whatever you're cooking. Frying fish will create more of a heavier odour than cooking vegetables so being able to change the air extraction rate will help keep bad odours out of the airspace.


Easy to clean

The cooker hood itself can easily be wiped down and cleaned with ease. Ensuring that your hood is kept clean is important, especially with how quickly thick layers of grease can build up on the surface.

The hood also has a grease filter - to capture grease as it rises from your hob, preventing it from settling on kitchen surfaces and leaving hard-to-remove residues. The EKPK90BL has metal grease filters, which are easy to clean. They are easily removed from the hood and can even be washed in the dishwasher, to make your life that bit easier.


Fits into Life Perfectly

The kitchen has truly become the heart of the home and is now used as a socialising and entertaining area just as much as it is used for cooking. No matter what you choose to use your kitchen space for, the EKPK90BL will fit in perfectly. You certainly won't find it disturbing, as it operates at a perfect 61dB - the same noise level as a quiet conversation!