Over the years, CDA has built an impressive reputation for themselves as both one of the fastest-growing appliance manufacturers in the UK and as a producer of quality products. Built for a busy lifestyle, CDA packs in a range of innovative features to help keep cooking as simple and trouble-free as possible. One of these innovative products includes the HN6732FR Hob, part of their premium Designer Kitchen range.

Finished in an easy-clean, sleek black ceramic material, with 9 power levels and a booster function which increases power by 33% to make getting pans up to heat even easier, ideal for boiling water for pasta! The HN6732FR four zone induction hob is ideal for any modern kitchen to help you achieve consistently perfect cooking results.

Powerful Induction Cooking

From a brand that's known for its innovative products, the CDA induction hob allows for simpler, quicker cooking.

Induction cooking heats pots and pans directly, instead of using an electric or gas heating element. It boils water up to 50 per cent faster than gas or electric and maintains a consistent and precise temperature. The surface of the hob will also stay relatively cool so any spills, splatters and the occasional boil-over won't burn onto the cooktop, making cleaning up quick and easy.

What's more, not only will induction technology help speed up your cooking time, but it'll also be much more energy-efficient thanks to the magnetic field produced between the hob and the pan. Each induction zone will only heat the pan on it, preventing heat from being wasted.

Choosing the HN6732FR will also allow you to make use of the helpful melt and simmer functions. These allow the cooker to maintain an even temperature and deliver the exact amount of heat needed, without any burning. No longer will pots boil over on simmer or melted chocolate overheat, allowing you to get on with other tasks in the kitchen with peace of mind.

Precision, Sleek Touch Control

Making sure that all pans are kept at an optimum temperature can be a tricky task, especially when making multiple meals at once. Thanks to CDA's innovative technology, this is made easy with an LED Display and sleek Electronic Touch Control, allowing precise and reliable control of all cooking zones with a quick touch.

Lastly, the hob also has 9 power levels to control your cooking and 1 bridge zone to help you accommodate larger cookware with ease.

Keeping your Family Safe

CDA has also packed a huge amount of safety features into the HN6732FR hob. This includes time limit security, a safety key lock, residual heat indicators to let you know whether the hob is still hot and an auto safety switch off. No longer can little hands be burned from accidentally turning the hob on or can it be left on long after cooking is done.

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