With the incredible DSIE 2B10 UK Dishwasher from international appliance specialist Indesit, cleaning your dishes and crockery in a quick and energy efficiency matter has never been easier! Featuring a classic white coat, easy to use setting, and a fantastic energy efficiency rating of A+, this incredible dishwasher exceeds the minimum requirements of washing machines. 

Quick Washes

How frustrating is it realising that your dishes are still unclean from the last meal when preparing a new meal? The incredible DSIE 2B10 UK dishwasher from Indesit has a remarkable setting with provides a rapid wash of all dishes. This way, you will not have to get your hands wet and dirty cleaning dishes before preparing food. If you do not spend too much time at home and need to set the dishwasher before eating, this dishwasher is also ideal for your home.

Relax More

Having little sleep and having to spend a lot of money are both things that can cause an immense amount of stress. Incredibly, then DSIE 2B10 UK Dishwasher can help to reduce stress and help you to save. The main reasoning behind this is the dishwashers incredible energy efficiency rating of A+. Highly energy-efficient appliances significantly reduce your heating bills, which is why this appliance is ideal for those looking to save money. Energy-efficient appliances also can help you to relax and sleep better as they make much less noise when running.

Delay Timer

If you’re not in the house much and want your dishes and crockery to be fully washed before coming home to prepare food, the DSIE 2B10 UK Dishwasher is ideal for you. The dishwasher features a delay timer, meaning you can set the wash to begin at a chosen time. If you prefer your dishes warm with your food, using a delay timer is also perfect for this.


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