Sleek, sophisticated design meets advanced refrigeration technology in the Liebherr CBNes 6256 PremiumPlus Fridge-freezer. Professional quality performance is key for the CBNes 6256. Designed around the modern day kitchen, this freestanding fridge-freezer encompasses all your food storage needs into one stylish design. 


Rapid Chilling and Freezing Technology

The CBNes 6256 comes equipped with Liebherr’s innovative BioFresh and NoFrost systems as standard. These features make the CBNes 6256 ideal for those with a busy, active lifestyle. 

Designed to keep food fresher for longer, BioFresh provides the best temperature and humidity for your vitamin and mineral-rich foods. In other words, you can fill your fridge to its full 357 litre capacity without fear of wasting food. In a typical vegetable compartment, asparagus will keep fresh for around ten days. With BioFresh, asparagus can remain fresh up to 18 days. Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products all retain their key vitamins and minerals longer than in a standard refrigerator, making this a healthier choice.

Liebherr’s patented NoFrost system features advanced, fan-assisted freezing technology with touch electronic control. Circulating chilled air throughout the freezer compartment expelling moisture ensures that your freezer will never need defrosting. Known for more than just convenience, the NoFrost system is designed to be exceptionally energy efficient as well. The CBNes 6256 is rated A++ for energy efficiency. 


Sophisticated Design for a Modern Kitchen

Aesthetic is not overlooked in the creation of the CBNes 6256. The sleek and modern stainless steel finish is the height of style. With solid, well-placed aluminium handles that are easy to use, requiring little effort to open and close each section. Liebherr uses premium quality materials in all its product range, for a long-lasting, high-performance appliance. 

The popular French door style of the fridge makes for easy access to your chilled goods. And with Liebherr’s SoftSystem, the doors open and close gently with ease. Thanks to SmartSteel, there is no need to worry about fingermarks and scratches marring the surface of your fridge-freezer, keeping it looking smart. Liebherr understands the importance of design that works, creating the beautiful CBNes 6256 with both visual impact and functionality in mind. Perfect for a modern home, this classic design will blend seamlessly into your kitchen decor. 


Spacious Storage for Families and Entertaining

The 91cm wide CBNes 6256 fully utilises its 471 litre capacity, making creative use of the space for maximum storage capability. The fridge features four expansive shelves, plus two side by side drawers with extra freshness capabilities. Each door sports three shelves, including an egg compartment and a shelf for bottle storage. The beauty of the CBNes 6256, is that it can transform to fit your storage needs, with removable GlassLine shelves and door racks that adjust to differing heights, depending on what you need to store. Add on two self-closing freezer drawers with a 114 litre total capacity, resulting in a fridge-freezer that offers optimum storage.  

For frequent entertaining, the CBNes 6256 comes with a built-in ice maker and wine bottle rack. Combined with its advanced chilling technology and ample space, this fridge-freezer is the ideal companion for dinner parties, family get-togethers and celebrations.  

The practical features of the CBNes 6256 and its functional, stylish design come together to create a unique fridge-freezer. One that will become an essential addition to any kitchen.

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