The Richmond 600DF cooker by Stoves boasts a whole host of functions and the benefits of a timeless cooker. Included in the 60cm dual fuel design is a PowerWok burner, cast iron supports, Zeus Bluetooth connectivity, slow closing cast aluminium lid & telescopic shelves. All of these handy features are included in this compact A energy rated appliance, saving you space, money and the environment, it truly is the perfect appliance for any kitchen. 


Staying Connected



The Richmond 600DF cooker by Stoves includes a Zeus Bluetooth Connected Timer meaning you can have complete control of your appliance simply at the tap of your smartphone or tablet. You are now able to control and adjust cooking times without physically being in the kitchen.

Using Bluetooth technology, the Zeus free app can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet which will then allow you to control your cookers timer, save your favourite and automatically update your clock. The Zeus app also will allow you to set up cooking duration and end time, you can now keep an eye on your timer and even adjust it without being in the kitchen, allowing you to spend more time with family and friends. 


Added Extras 



The cooker also includes impressive defrost & slow cook functions which help to defrost your food in a more hygienic way and in half the time using the fan defrost function which will circulate room temperate around the food. This is a perfect feature if you would like to defrost desserts such as cakes. The slow cook function also is a handy feature as it allows your food to be cooked on a low temperature throughout the day, so when you come home from a hard day at work your meal will be waiting for you on your arrival, making life a lot easier and saving a lot of time.

The hob includes a 4KW PowerWok burner which produces rapid and intense heat which is perfect for boiling water, searing meat and for your delicious stir fry recipes. The hob provides even heat over a large surface area which is not only for wok cooking but for high-speed cooking with any large pan too. The hob also comes with a slow closing cast aluminium lid which helps the door close a lot more smoothly and reduces noise for a luxury feel in the kitchen. 

The inside of the oven also features telescopic shelves which make it safer to put dishes into the oven and remove them again. The shelf can be pulled out smoothly to its maximum potential so you don’t have to reach into the oven which reduces the risk of burning or hurting yourself in other ways. 


Working With You 

With an A energy rating, it will be a lot kinder to both your bills and the environment. The main electric fan oven evenly circulates the heat inside, which is a fantastic feature for cooking multiple dishes at once. The slow cooker function is ideal for slow cooking meats to incorporate into hearty meals for every one of your family and friends. All of these features work together with you create a masterpiece in the kitchen.   


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