Give your kitchen the ultimate centrepiece with this Richmond Deluxe S1000DF Range Cooker by Stoves. This traditional style range cooker comes with modern and innovative features which will transform the way you prepare and enjoy your meals daily. This model features a large multifunctional main oven, large fanned oven, smaller conventional oven and a dedicated slow cook oven, giving the range cooker a total capacity of 179 litres which is brilliant for cooking all of your favourite dishes to perfection every time.


Bluetooth Connectivity 



Now you can control and even adjust cooking times without having to be in the kitchen. Now you can use your smartphone or tablet to control the timer on your oven, save your favourites and automatically update your clock. With the Zeus app, you can set the cooking duration and the end time, whilst also keeping an eye on your timer and adjust it without being in the kitchen, giving you more time to spend with your family and friends. 

Zeus is a downloadable app that allows you to connect your smart device to your compatible Stoves range cooker via Bluetooth, this will enable you to control and adjust cooking times from the comfort of your sofa.


Multitasking Effortlessly 


The Richmond Deluxe S1000DF Range Cooker by Stoves is made entirely from a single piece of pressed steel, the hob has seven gas burners, including a 4.0kW dual ring PowerWok which comes equipped with wok cradle and large cast iron griddle.

With seven burners to choose from you will have plenty of room to place all of your pots and pans which is especially helpful if you have a large household or like to throw parties at home. The PowerWok burner provides rapid and intense heat which is absolutely perfect for different types of delicious Asian cuisine. The range cooker also comes with a raised cast iron Pan Glide pan which supports the complete hob, which allows the pan to glide across the top of the cooker with ease and stability. 


Full Of Fantastic Features 



The main multifunction oven allows you to select from 11 different settings, some of which include Pizza, Bread Proving and a Defrost setting. The Equiflow fan system provides ultimate heat distribution and as the air is constantly circulating, you won’t mix different flavours if you are cooking different foods at the same time. It also includes Pro-Trac which are telescopic shelves that slide out smoothly to allow safe and easy access to food without having to reach inside the oven, preventing the risk of potential burning or other accidents. 

The top left cavity is the 31-litre maxi grill and conventional oven again featuring telescopic sliders and a full-width grill pan to make the most of your large cooking area and you can create delicious snacks including toasties. 

On the right there is a second Equiflow which provides another 57 litres cooking capacity with a slow cooker, keep warm and bread proving functions. There are 6 shelf positions, 2 shelves, sliders and a full-width oven pan, you will have all the space in the world to cook delicious meals every time. 

The fourth and final oven on this Richmond Deluxe S1000DF Range Cooker is a dedicated slow cook oven which is operated by a simple on and off switch. This oven will cook your food thoroughly and evenly on a low temperature, delivering tender and mouth-watering meats and more. These foods can be cooking all day, ready for when you get home from work, making your life a lot easier. 


The Last Few Touches

This range cooker features a Maxi-Clock touch control programmer with a large and very easy to read white LED display and a Zeus Bluetooth connected timer. The Zeus free downloadable app has been specially developed for Stoves products. Another stunning feature of this range cooker is Steam & Infuse - An accessory kit that adds moisture and flavour to your dishes. All you have to do is add water, stock or infused spices to the pot and place your meat over the top, this will optimise the taste and texture of your food. The kit also includes an accessory for making kebabs.