Stoves are well known for providing stunning and high-quality range cookers for years and the ST STER S900DF SS range cooker from Stoves is no different. At just 90cm wide, this multifunctional range cooker by Stoves will be compact enough to fit into any kitchen whilst offering a vast amount of space inside, making it perfect for big households, dinner parties or even to bake a batch of delicious goods. The design has made it possible to have a range cooker packed with features without taking up lots of room in your home.


Cooking Made Easy 


90cm dual fuel range cooker includes a 5 burner gas hob, a large multifunctional main oven, a large Titan fanned oven and a smaller conventional oven & grill. The 3 ovens have a total cooking capacity of 172 litres which will allow you complete flexibility in the kitchen.

The 5 burners give you plenty of room for all of your pots and pans meaning you are able to cook all of the elements of your meal at once. The 4kW PowerWok burner provides you with rapid and intense heat perfect for oriental dishes, boiling water and searing meats. 

The Multifunction main oven includes Equiflow technology which provides excellent heat distribution, so you’ll always have the best results, every time you cook. The oven also gives you the opportunity to choose between 11 different cooking functions making you able to cook all of your favourite meals with ease. Stoves have not stopped there, also included is the Tall Titan Oven with Equiflow fan which has an 87-litre capacity and 8 possible shelf positions giving you more than enough room for batch baking, making multiple meals or cooking for large family dinners.

Finally, the range cooker also includes a Maxi Grill which includes a deep, full-width grill pan allowing you to make full use of the space provided. The grill comes with double extension telescopic slides which provide easy and safe access to your delicious food without having to reach into the hot appliance. 


Extra Features


The appliance also comes with a Fascia cooling system which ensures a low temperature on the front of the appliance and the cooking compartment door, and therefore, offer safety and protection from burns. There is also a Maxi Clock LED Touch Control Programmer which will help you time your meals perfectly and prevent it from burning. 

Most parts of the appliance are also removable including the hob burners, pan supports, inner door glass, shelves and more which is extremely helpful when it comes to cleaning the appliance.  All of these helpful features are compact into an A-rated range cooker for energy efficiency, meaning that you will be cooking tasty meals whilst saving the environment and money.


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